Sheep Shearing Supplies

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Despite many people’s apprehensions about living on a farm and going through the daily grind that starts before dawn and ends at sun down, they are still a part of everyone’s life. From the fruit that is on the breakfast table to the steak dinners and even the clothing and furniture coverings in most homes, many people don’t think about how many different ways the farm enters a city home. However, one type of farm that has gained greatly in usage in the last few years and will likely always have a place in society is the sheep farm.

Wool is an important part of nearly every aspect of life. From clothing to bedding and even car interiors use it. However, it would never be possible without the farmer and his tools. Fortunately, much of the shearing technology that we have today has been in place for centuries. There are generally two or three people and the shears. There are electric shears, but most serious farmers still prefer the manually operated shears to ensure the safety of the animal and themselves. The extra people simply help hold down the animals so that they can’t hurt themselves of the people who are cutting their wool off.

Nevertheless, there are still more advanced techniques to shearing sheep. There are machines that run on either electricity or a fuel and operate a handheld razor (much like their electric counter parts) but they are stabilized and retained by the machine. Also, there are what’s known as combs that set the height of the shearing tool and allow the clippers to do their job more effectively without hurting the animal. And, if newer technology is used, it is always a great idea to use lubricant to reduce the risk of burning the animal.

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